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"Philosophers Over Kings: Clothing for the Mind and Soul"

Graphic of the flower of life.

Philosophers Over Kings is a clothing brand that aims to promote critical thinking and self-education within the Black community. We believe that the true power of our community lies in the collective wisdom and knowledge of its members, and that by encouraging individuals to study, read, and think for themselves, we can create a more equitable and just society. Our brand name "Philosophers Over Kings" reflects this belief, highlighting the importance of intellectual leaders over those who rely on wealth and status to gain influence.

Our clothing designs feature bold, graphic elements that draw inspiration from the rich history of Black thought and culture. We want our customers to wear our clothing as a symbol of their commitment to self-empowerment and self-determination. Our target audience are conscious minded individuals, who are looking for clothing that reflects their values and beliefs. We plan to sell our products online and through select retailers catering to conscious consumer.

Our mission is to create a brand that encourages its customers to think for themselves and make positive change, and to create a powerful and lasting impact on the Black community and beyond. We believe that by raising consciousness and promoting self-education we can empower individuals and communities to strive for equity and justice. We are committed to using our platform to support and collaborate with community organizations and educational institutions that share our values.

At Philosophers Over Kings, we are more than just a clothing brand, we are a movement. Join us in our mission to promote critical thinking and self-education, and wear our clothing as a symbol of your commitment to intellectual growth and self-reflection.

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