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Unveiling the Limited Edition "Ariston Williams" Tee by Philosophers Over Kings—a rare fusion of intellect and style. Crafted in homage to the wisdom of the ancient philosopher Ariston, this tee is a testament to profound reflection and intellectual growth.

Adorned with bold, graphic elements inspired by the rich tapestry of Black thought and culture, this limited edition tee is a collector's gem. A celebration of wisdom and intellectual prowess, it stands as a unique piece for conscious individuals seeking apparel that transcends the ordinary.

Available in limited quantities online and through select retailers attuned to conscious consumers, the "Ariston Williams" Tee is more than clothing—it's a symbol of support for the timeless ideals espoused by Ariston.

Beyond fashion, our mission echoes—a commitment to fostering critical thinking and self-education. Join the movement at Philosophers Over Kings and make a statement with the Limited Edition "Ariston Williams" Tee, an embodiment of intellectual growth and profound reflection

Ariston Williams Tee (PREORDER)

  • Adorn your attire with distinction through our exclusive screen print, an artistry meticulously tailored for those who savor sophistication. Embrace the lavishness within our Plato Jones Collection, a confluence where style converges with substance.


    Prime Fabric: Woven with the utmost care using materials of the highest echelon, mirroring the opulent standards akin to esteemed brands such as Gucci.
    Opulent Sensation: Revel in an unmatched caress of comfort and softness, enveloping you in luxury.
    Distinctive Design: Each print carries a unique number, bestowing upon you an exclusive essence.
    Don't merely don a garment; let it be an eloquent proclamation with Philosophers Over Kings.

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