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Unveiling the "Socratic Circle" Collection by Philosophers Over Kings—a tribute to critical thinking and self-education within the Black community. This collection features a powerful image of seven black philosophers, embodying the essence of community and collective wisdom.

Bold and graphic, our clothing designs draw inspiration from the rich history of Black thought and culture. A celebration of black philosophers and their impactful contributions to the world, this collection is curated for conscious individuals seeking apparel that mirrors their values.

Available online and through select retailers catering to conscious consumers, the "Socratic Circle" Collection is your statement of support for the Black Consciousness Movement and the enduring legacy of black philosophers.

Beyond fashion, our mission resonates—a commitment to fostering critical thinking, self-education, and community wisdom. Join us in this movement at Philosophers Over Kings and wear our "Socratic Circle" Collection as a symbol of your dedication to intellectual growth and collective wisdom.

Socratic Circle Tee (PREORDER)

  • Adorn your attire with distinction through our exclusive screen print, an artistry meticulously tailored for those who savor sophistication. Embrace the lavishness within our Plato Jones Collection, a confluence where style converges with substance.


    Prime Fabric: Woven with the utmost care using materials of the highest echelon, mirroring the opulent standards akin to esteemed brands such as Gucci.
    Opulent Sensation: Revel in an unmatched caress of comfort and softness, enveloping you in luxury.
    Distinctive Design: Each print carries a unique number, bestowing upon you an exclusive essence.
    Don't merely don a garment; let it be an eloquent proclamation with Philosophers Over Kings.

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